For the artists of Fen Edge Textiles

The sisters see the face of a fish in an oyster-shell;
Limpets as his scales; driftwood, his fins.
The sisters are earth-combers, fine-fingered.
Through them, creation is unpicked.
Around them, the world is re-ordered:
Newsprint and nappy-lining, the tack and thickness,
On a pull of the thread, rucked and buckled,
Are drawn together.  And, while the face
Is jewel-polished, underneath, lines weave root-like
Through soil.  To the sisters, though, passing
The thimble’s blind eye, there is no front
And back.  All working is shown.

Elaine Ewart, Fenland Poet Laureate

For the ‘Taking Liberties’ exhibition, 2012

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